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Do you ever have those moments when you realise, suddenly and intensely, that you are a real and actual adult and this is your life? And you're an adult?! This was me this week when I found myself perusing the Blacks and BHS (yes, they're still around, at least online) websites for a new fleece. I was very excited about this prospect. I have just about stopped wearing my winter coat due to uncomfortable overheating, and I realised I needed something relatively light but still warm enough to keep me, the queen of never quite being the right temperature, adequately protected from the small gusts of wind that could prove to be my ultimate downfall.

So I browsed through the first reputable camping/walking/outdoors online catalogue I could think of to find my new pride and joy. It was then that I realised that I was truly impassioned about the outdoor wear with plentiful zips and cords and waterproofing and fleecy goodness that almost every member of my family wears. At any given time they are ready to climb the nearest hill, traverse the nearest forest, and wade gleefully through the nearest mud puddle. And isn't that great? I think that's pretty great.

My chosen item of beauty (link here if you, like me, are in desperate fleece need).

I've always enjoyed mud and trees. Being warm and adequately dressed is simply a necessity when you have a family like mine who are halfway towards a full camping trip in the highlands at scant mention of going outside (related familial tip: don't mention wine at all unless you want to sample at least six bottles at sword-point).

Never before have I felt quite so passionate about comfortable outerwear. I await the arrival of my new fleece with baited breath, and suddenly I feel like the most relaxed and blissful adult that has ever lived, basking in the unmatched contentedness of a person whose interests as of this exact moment are fixated on things such as:
  • osteology
  • chickens making growling noises
  • chopping vegetables & different kinds of soup
  • taking photographs of local flowers
  • bloody comfortable fleeces
I have ascended.

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