Cat Tongue & Phone Number Bracelets

Hello, and welcome to an exciting collection of images I have gathered, like chaotic thoughts from my own brain piled high on the floor and waiting to be picked up and sorted. Here's a cat I know. He's a big scaredy cat, but he likes to sit in the sit and close his eyes. A good hobby for anyone, cat or otherwise.

He likes to nlem. Look at him. All his power is harnessed in his little tongue.

Here's me being black and white and holding a teddy bear. I had a very unusual medical condition that removes all colour from your life. The cure is to eat a piece of toast, so I'm fully recovered now (and then some).

Here's a couple of music video gifs I made, from OH MY GIRL - Liar Liar (above), and VIXX - Shangri-La (below). I just really liked these shots and colours a lot. Two of my main interests are plaited hair and flowers, of course.

For some reason I've also been thinking a lot about these:

More specifically, the types of ones with letter or number beads that kids make. I found a cool blog post about making a bracelet with a phone number on it (here). This is meant to be an easy way for small children to carry a parent's phone number, but I thought it would be useful for forgetful types, or just a fun way to give someone your number, maybe?

I still can't remember my own phone number, so perhaps I need one of these.

This was all sparked from seeing this picture on Tumblr:

Sadly I can't find a source for this image, but I love both bracelets, and just look at those smiley faces. Extremely cute.

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