Plans & Scans

Right now I'm working through a sketchbook with weird, scratchy paper. It's thick and very textured, great for watercolour, not so great for pens, and impossible to stick anything to because glue or tape just doesn't adhere well.

I'm lazily painting in it - blobs and forms and whatever I feel like - and sometime in the future I'll be done with it, and I'll have further depleted my paint supply, and the process will get further and further to completion. Eventually, I'll have no acrylic paint left, just an empty drawer where my paint tubes used to live. What happens after that is an exciting mystery. A murky chapter. But those are the plans.

I've been admiring those incredibly small watercolour travel sets you sometimes see in art shops for a long time, and my preliminary hope for when I finish up my acrylic paint is to go forth and use watercolours for some time instead. Watercolours are pretty magical in their own right.

I've also been thinking about my blog and the internet in general a lot over the past six months or so. I'm the type of person who uses the same profile picture in most places for that unified sense of identity, but I'm also the type of person who suddenly posts a Jeremy Corbyn valentine they made in MSPaint, so there are, uh, complexities, shall we say.

The main thing is that I want for this place to feel personal. I mean, it is inherently personal, but what with the daily schedule that has gone on for almost three years, sometimes things are less thoughtful, sometimes I write posts hurriedly to get them done quickly, and sometimes whatever I do post can feel same-y. Whilst I've been happy with how everything has been and with how my posts are generally and across this time, it's come to a natural point now where I no longer want to post on such a strict schedule. So from now on posts will be lesser (to a degree that will vary) and through this I hope to give enough space to each post so that they can feel a bit more rounded, thoughtful, and ultimately a bit more condensed and interesting.

It should be fun and feel nice and free. I'm looking forward to the next however long.

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