Some Inspirations: Angel's Egg & Game Boy

Recently I watched a very spooky and oddly silent (dialogue-wise) animated film called Angel's Egg. It was a strange and mesmerising experience, full of biblical symbolism and dark blue. The film has an enchanted feeling from head to toe, and is coated in shadows, fossils, and bodies of water.

It was pretty astounding to watch. Haunted by the intimate and visceral connections a person can have with everything around them, even in a graveyard at the end of the world. There's so much to say about Angel's Egg, but I'll leave it at that for now.

I've also been enjoying some old Game Boy games, not least good old PokΓ©mon Yellow, with it's smiling, frowning, laughing Pikachu as your ceaseless sidekick. I just love him so much. Revisiting old PokΓ©mon games always reminds me of their sheer depth and fascinating characterisation laid out in tiny pixel alterations. I love all the bug catchers and the lasses.

I've been playing a bit of the Game Boy version of Felix the Cat too, a game full of such weird and fun design, from Felix's magician outfit to the cross-eyed tree stumps. There is so much tongue-in-cheek inventiveness going on in this game - and it's a lot of fun.

I'm feeling kind of excited at the moment to relax and spend time enjoying things, looking at and finding new things and revisiting old favourites. I found Angel's Egg accidentally. I find lots of things accidentally, actually, or through strange journeys through hyperlinks. Sometimes I race through things to find new thing after new thing, and that's so easy to do online, but it's important to slow down and take things in. I think cutting blog posts back from daily posting is already allowing me to do that a lot more. There's more time to think - about what I'm consuming, what I'm making, and what I actually want to write about.

And of course, the answer will be Pikachu an unexpectedly large amount of the time.


  1. I watched Angel's Egg 3 or 4 years ago, and I still remember the strangeness of all the movie, the sounds, the art, the little girl with her egg... it's difficult to explain, but I really liked it. It's different from all the movies I've ever watched.

    1. Yeah it's so different and magical!


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