Triple Triad

Every time I replay Final Fantasy VIII I become entranced with its in-game card mini game, Triple Triad, all over again. Every time it is a hypnotic passion and I find myself  trying to press the square button when I am doing normal things like boiling the kettle, writing my own name, or explaining to a police officer what a "geezard" is.

Anyway, it seems now that you can play a super cool version of Triple Triad featuring an expanded set of cards incorporating characters from across the entire Final Fantasy series on Square Enix's official Final Fantasy portal app. I tried it out and it's a really nicely designed and fun way to play the card game. Unfortunately there's a crystal payment refresh/wait system in place so I'm unable to while away the entire day painstakingly acquiring every possible card in existence, but hey, I already got a cactuar card, so that's pretty great.

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